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Kith Kithmas Candy Cane Williams III Hoodie

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Kith Kithmas Ornament Williams III Hoodie

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Kith Kithmas Ornament Williams III Hoodie

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Kith Monogram Midi Puffer Jacket

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Kith Treats Million Hoodie

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Established in 2011, Kith operates on two planes – a multifunctional lifestyle brand for men, women, and kids, as well as a progressive retail establishment. Our eight brick-and-mortar flagship stores were designed in partnership with Snarkitecture, as we push the boundaries to deliver customers a completely unique experience. We offer an array of premium products, ranging from our own in-house label to a curated selection of multi-brand apparel and footwear. In 2015, Kith Treats was conceived from a childhood love for cereal and dreams of one day opening up a cereal bar – now operating in nine locations, Treats has become a staple within Kith.

Kith was founded by Ronnie Fieg, a prominent figure in the footwear industry, who has over twenty years of hands-on experience. Born and raised in Queens, Fieg has been involved in the footwear industry since becoming a stock boy at New York-based franchise David Z. at age 12. With steadfast perseverance, he methodically rose through the ranks from floor salesman to assistant manager to eventually becoming head buyer. Collaborating with brands that have stood the test of time, Kith aligns itself with brands and ideations from Fieg’s childhood that cohesively formalized the roots of his upbringing. Conceptualizing Kith as an extension of himself, Fieg seeks to shift the current landscape of fashion, while operating under a personal philosophy of giving the consumer more than what they pay for.


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